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DIY Dog S'more Costume

DIY Dog S'more Costume

October means cool crisp weather, college football, and, of course, Halloween! And who are we kidding? Even as adults, Halloween is still a fun holiday to take part it. After all, you're never too old to dress up, right?

But what's more fun than getting dressed up on Halloween? Dressing up our dogs!

If you're looking for the perfect DIY Halloween project for your furry friend, we've got just the thing for you: a dog s'more costume (yes, you read that right).

With that, let me walk you through the steps, including what you'll need to construct this delicious and adorable creation.



Hot glue sticks

Hot glue gun



1 white doggie t-shirt

2 pieces of plush felt / color: honey (for graham cracker)

1-2 pieces of traditional felt / color: dark brown (for chocolate and graham cracker details)

1 piece of foam core / gator board



1: Place your sheet (or sheets, depending on the size of your canine) of dark brown felt on the pup's back to get a feel for the size of your chocolate piece.

Start of the costume

2. You want to make sure that the chocolate covers the entire back of the white shirt,  cut and adjust your felt as needed.

Cut the pattern Attach to the shirt

Trim parts

3. Remember that a graham cracker will be glued on top, so you can have some white space in the middle of the shirt, just make sure you have all four edges covered with "chocolate drip".

4. Once you have all of your felt cut out, remove the shirt from your pet and lay flat on a dry surface.

5. Hot glue your dark brown felt directly to the white shirt and set aside.

start of the graham cracker

6. Now on to the graham cracker - keep in mind these measurements will range, it all depends on the size of your pet - for our dog Watson, we used an 11" square piece of foam core.

7. Measure the space between your dogs legs and be sure the board can fit comfortably underneath and on top of him/her.

8. Cut and then glue foam core to the backside of your plush honey felt.

9. Follow simple edge gluing and folding steps below to ensure you have clean corners.

Fold fabric Fold more fabric

attach - folding over create graham cracker pattern

10. Repeat steps 6-9 to create the bottom piece of the graham cracker as well.

11. You will only need the dark brown graham cracker details for your top piece. Cut small rectangles for the center line and then cut those same rectangles in half for the 16 smaller squares on both sides.

image displays graham cracker pattern 

12. Use the remaining pieces of honey plush felt to cover the backsides of your graham crackers.

13. Hot glue the top and bottom pieces to the white shirt to finish the costume.

14. Tah-dah!


Words by Colin Liotta & Rebecca Simms
Photos & Project by Rebecca Simms

Follow all of Dogtor Watson's adventures on Instagram @_mydearwatson_

Questions? Comments? Email: [email protected]

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